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Welcome to FindTrax

Fed up of complicated, awkward, or unfriendly music database software?

Tired of wading through hundreds or thousands of CDs looking for a particular track?

Need a fast, simple, reliable software solution?

We're mobile and club DJs with exactly those requirements. We tried practically every software package on the market. Some had good features but none were exactly what we needed.

So, we came up with a wish list, gave it to a team of programmers, and got back FindTrax!

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What's so good about FindTrax?

  • FindTrax reads all your CDs, uses the Internet to look up track and artist information, and adds some or all of the tracks you want to your database. You don't pay for a lookup subscription!
  • Import track lists from popular DJ subscription services such as Top Hits and Music Promo easily. You can even import your existing databases from MDB2000 and other DJ software. FindTrax can also read Excel and Access files exported in CSV or tab-delimited format easily and quickly.
  • FindTrax uses a single, icon-based interface screen for all functions. No menus to navigate.
  • FindTrax is FAST! Thanks to a clever database design, you can add virtually unlimited track information and find anything you want with incredible speed.
  • Simple and complex search capabilities are easy to use and work incredibly quickly!
  • You can launch standard Windows applications from inside FindTrax.
  • FindTrax lets you maintain multiple databases and use any of them one at a time, or merge them together into one large database, while still retaining the original, separate files.
  • Works under all versions of Windows, including Vista.
  • FindTrax is safe. The database backup features ensure you don't lose your information.

"I used ACCSI's MDB2000 for over five years. The continual nag screens about licensing and the poor file import routines really annoyed me. So, I tried FindTrax and love it! FindTrax is fast, easy to use, has all the features I need, and never nags me about licenses or upgrades. FindTrax has been rock-solid for me, and it lets me run on both my home computer and two work laptops with only one, insanely cheap purchase. I really depend on FindTrax and I am convinced it's the best investment a DJ can make in database software." TJ the DJ

CD track database

Sounds good so far?

What's better is the price. Forget paying hundreds of dollars for the current version of other DJ software, then having to pay for upgrades every year or two.

With FindTrax you pay the incredibly low price of $50. With free technical support by email.

That's $50 for the best DJ database software on the market!

CD Database


Even better, there's no authentication codes, no software keys, no forced registration, no server checks, no nags screens of any sort. You buy FindTrax and it's yours. Software with no strings attached.


"FindTrax is incredibly fast. I love the search capabilities. I also truly appreciate the free updates you offer. I can't recommend FindTrax enough to my fellow DJs, and even anyone with a large CD collection they want to index. You've got a winner of a package here!" TJ the DJ



Index CD Tracks


You don't even need to buy multiple copies of FindTrax if you run databases on more than one computer!

Like many DJs we have our database software on laptops for gigs, as well as a desktop machine. With most software packages you'd have to buy THREE COPIES to stay legal! Not with FindTrax. Buy one copy and use it on all your systems!


All that for just $50.


New Version Update!

FindTrax now can locate and index MP3 and WMA files, allowing you to work with digital formats the same way you use CDs! You can create separate databases for CD and MP3/WMA files, or put them all in one larger database! Tell FindTrax which directories to search, and it will scan for MP3 and WMA files, allowing you to add some or all to your database!

Existing FindTrax customers get the version update free!

About Us...

We are professional mobile DJs who needed a better software solution for indexing our CD tracks. Through the help of some talented programmers, FindTrax was born. We use FindTrax ourselves, and want to share it with other DJs. We priced it low to make it more accessible, and we removed all software licensing schemes that drive us crazy with other packages.

We worked hard on this software. We put a lot of money into its development. We're sharing it with fellow DJs. And, while we know some people will take advantage of us and give away copies, we hope you won't. So please, respect our decision not to use licensing schemes and don't steal from us.

If you require support or have any questions or suggestions, please contact us through email at


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